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Most people complain about commuting, but I actually love commuting in the morning. Yes, occasionally there are jerks that cut you off, but I wish everyone had the same attitude as me. I feel like everyone should be nicer to each other on the road because we are all kindred spirits, all off on our way to work. But really riding the Metro is my favorite part. Everyone is dressed in their business suits, reading the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal, sipping from their Starbucks cups. I feel so smart just being part of that group. It's probably the only time during the day that you can find that atmosphere on the Metro.

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So the other day I was returning home from the gym with my mom when she made a little squawk. I asked her and she pointed to a small bug by our doorstep. It seemed rather miniscule and I didn't see the scary factor- she then informed me it was a scorpion. I then scampered inside, grabbed a big shoe, and proceeded to squash the sucker until his guts oozed. I felt it was a rather fitting end for my stay in Arizona.

The house here is finally starting to look like we're leaving soon. It's amazing how bare a house looks without any rugs or paintings on the wall.

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So I was at the movies today when a trailer for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 popped up. For some reason, this trailer made me start to cry. Not because it was particularly good, because it wasn't- at all. But I guess the premise of it really hit close to home for me- four close friends graduated from high school and were going their own separate ways in college but were kept united by a magical pair of pants that. I guess it didn't really hit me as much last year when I was the only one who graduated from college, but it really has this year with the rest of you graduating. It saddens me to see that I seem to be the only person that appreciates Burke whereas everyone else is pining away for where they used to be or just want to get the hell out of there.
I think we all may need to go pants shopping together...

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So the other day I was putting some photos on my iPod when it decided to sync itself. Syncing apparently means, "Let's delete everything off your iPod but these new photos!" So I frantically tried to find a data restore to see if I could save all my songs, but apparently they all cost lots of dough. I guess I know what I'm going to be doing this week instead of studying....

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I'm still having a debate of whether I like airplanes. Besides the horrible delays that sometimes occur (yay Chicago airport!), there's still the concept of the round-trip ticket, which has always struck me as inherently sad. That return ticket's existence is a slow, throbbing reminder that as soon as you start to get comfortable, it's time to take off again.
But then on my way back, the plane was soaring over these dark mountains that were jutting out of the cloudy mist below in Tucson and the sun's setting created just the largest array you could imagine of shades of yellows, reds, and oranges all blurring together, I began to think it might have just been worth it after all.

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I think the only thing that terrifies me more than first dates is job interviews. You have the same thoughts running through your head: Am I dressed up enough or too much? Do I look like I'm trying too hard? What if I run out of things to say? I would say the only difference is there's more money on the line with job interviews; usually money doesn't play a role in dating, that is, unless you're a hooker...

I had what I think (?) was a successful job interview the other day, but now I have to sit and play the waiting game. OmG, dOeS hE lIkE mE??!!!! Why hasn't he called??? And as each passing day goes by, you get more and more worried that maybe you weren't as awesome as you thought you were. Why did you make that horrible joke? Does he hate you forever because you're a Lakers fan, not a Knicks fan? Maybe they really do have a heavy work schedule, but if they really dug you, they'd call you the next day, right?


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I had a lot of fun this past week with Aaron, as you guys probably could tell from my Facebook photos... It went even better than I could have hoped for. I was kind of nervous about having him come out here for a long period of time and roadtripping to the Grand Canyon- what if we ran out of things to say to each another? I'm not really sure why, but running out of things to say and having awkward silences is my idea of a nightmare. For some reason, I feel like it's a reflection on how solid your friendship is. If you're really BFFs, you should never run out of things to talk about. Or maybe you're best friends, even the silence isn't awkward. Or again, perhaps this is a reflection on me, rather than on the strength of my friendships.

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I don't why I can be so even-keeled and calm around everyone in the world but my dad. No matter how careful I try to tread around him, it never works. Fuck fuck shit.

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I have created a monster. I showed my dad the video Mike Huckabee made with Chuck Norris since my dad's a big Chuck Norris fan. All he's been doing all weekend is playing that video clip over and over...Technology is a dangerous weapon.
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